In anticipation of our new Adventure Range, we took to the road. We wanted to capture the thrill and grit of adventure. The excitement of that first morning, the pain of the next, the limitless drive for new journeys. Our new range is crafted for adventure. Take a look and join us on the road.

“Its a quiet town with a quiet history.”

The town that this day started in is Wentworth. It sits just outside of Mildura on the New South Wales side of the border. It once thrived when the Murray Darling river was a vital trade route in Australia. Like so many other towns on the river, industry left Wentworth when the river trade slowed and freight moved into trucks and locomotives. Its a quiet town with a quiet history. It tells its part of the story of pre-federation Australia and provides a much-needed stopover for people traveling to Broken Hill on the Silver City Highway.

The sun is high in the sky. The road is constantly unfurling ahead. It’s rough under the tyres and its roughness reverberates through the bike and up to the handle bars. The air is thick with dust as its kicked out from beneath. It races across the knuckles and fills every deep breath thats taken.

This is what the ride is all about. Its an exploration of the senses. The feeling of the rugged and uneven road. The smells and the sounds of the adventure.

A short 6kms west of Wentworth lie the Perry Sandhills. 333 hectares of continuously moving sand dunes formed over thousands of years of wind erosion. This is where the adventure is moving through. The air is warm and mostly still. There’s a sense of unfamiliarity to it. Its part the smell of it and part the feel of it, either way, the foreignness of it beckons: move deeper, explore further. From time to time a gust of wind picks up the sand and whips it across the back of the legs. A reminder that they’re still there, pumping, pushing, exploring.

“The road will keep unfurling ahead, and the trail will keep leading back to the start, but the adventure will never be over.”

When sun comes down, it brings this part of the adventure to a close. Camp is set up, and tomorrows ride is mapped out and prepared for. The shifting sands become home and a tired body lays to rest, waiting to be reminded again by the sun of all the aches and pains that its carrying.

The day’s ride stops here, but the adventure doesn’t stop here. It continues tomorrow, and the next day, and every day after that. The road will keep unfurling ahead, and the trail will keep leading back to the start, but the adventure will never be over.

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Introducing the Women’s Adventure Collection . Designed for long days in the saddle and the even longer memories those rides create. Featuring a safety-conscious gilet and jersey with 3M reflective stripe. What the range doesn’t include however, is a commitment to getting out there. That bit is all on you.

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Images: Paul Spurling
Words: Matthew Eardley